Our Mission

Market23 is a cooperative that exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for Central Nebraska. Honesty, integrity and responsibility are the guiding forces behind our organization.

For the Customers

We provide a local alternative to mass produced items, all natural produce and one of a kind handmade items. Enjoy a variety of healthy, seasonal produce.

For the Community

The community will have a local year around location that provides produce and handmade one of a kind crafted art item.

Our Beliefs

We go through great lengths to ensure that all products sold at Market23 meet our qualifications of local, handcrafted, hand-made and locally grown. As part of this process, our jury committee verifies that all products in the store are made or grown by the vendor selling the items.

Belief# 1

We believe in supporting our local vendors economically by providing a focused market for their goods and products.

Belief# 2

We believe in re-establishing the connection between locally produced food and crafts to the area people.

Belief# 3

Provide the community of producers, artists and crafters a location to share their talents.

Belief# 4

Providing the community of top quality, one of a kind hand designed items at a reasonable price

Belief# 5

Provide all-natural home grown produce at economical pricing.

Serving the community
Growing together

Want to be a part of our vendors?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Market23. We accept farmers and gardeners, ranchers and grass feed producers, and arts and craft vendors. To apply to become a vendor please visit Market23 in person and get to know the space, the staff and culture. While here, complete the vendor application.